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104 2020-07-09
Compiled First GTK Application for PinePhone
78 2020-07-08
This Week in Rust 346
82 2020-07-08
Announcing Rustup 1.22.1
135 2020-07-08
[ANN] secrecy v0.7.0: a simple secret-keeping library for Rust
  • Docs:
73 2020-07-08
io_uring-inspired async operations in Redox OS
125 2020-07-08
Sailfish: Rust's fastest template engine, 200x faster than handlebars
64 2020-07-08
Getting in and out of trouble with Rust futures
638 2020-07-08
Rust is the only language that gets `await` syntax right

At first I was weirded out when the familiar await foo syntax got replaced by foo.await, but after working with other languages, I've come round and wholeheartedly agree with this decision. Chaining is just much more natural! And this is without even taking ? into account:

461 2020-07-08
Compiling Rust on Pine Phone
82 2020-07-08
This Month in Rust GameDev #11 - June 2020
230 2020-07-07
Concurrency Patterns in Embedded Rust
89 2020-07-07
Statically Sized Higher-kinded Polymorphism
61 2020-07-07
Creating a custom target in Rust
401 2020-07-07
Growing Gold with Rust

Hi everyone,

66 2020-07-07
async-net: Async networking primitives for TCP/UDP/Unix communication
399 2020-07-07
Microsoft Research's Project Freta: "Given the history and preponderance of memory-corruption exploits, we made the choice as a team to embrace Rust at the beginning, architecting the entire capability from scratch in Rust from line one and building upon no existing software."
127 2020-07-07
`grass`, a pure Rust Sass compiler, can now compile Bootstrap 4 and Bulma-scss

After 6 months of work `grass` is finally able to compile both Bootstrap 4 and Bulma-scss! It's still not ready for production use and there are a lot of outstanding issues, but as long as your input is well formed and not too complex it should work very well.

78 2020-07-06
GitUI 0.8.0 released. A terminal client for git
160 2020-07-06
rust-analyzer changelog #32
359 2020-07-06
Announcing Rustup 1.22.0
293 2020-07-06
Small strings in Rust
115 2020-07-06
rustc works on Apple silicon (DTK)
91 2020-07-06
[flowy] A Dynamic wallpaper changer that switches the background based on the time of the day for Linux and macOS
354 2020-07-05
Creating a winning a 4K intro in Rust

I recently finished my first 4K intro which is completely written in Rust and glsl. It took 1st place at Nova 2020. Have a look at for an article of all the techniques used to get the rust code into less than 4096 bytes. The code is at or you can see a recording at

231 2020-07-05
Choosing a Rust web framework, 2020 edition
50 2020-07-05
Official /r/rust "Who's Hiring" thread for job-seekers and job-offerers [Rust 1.44]

Welcome once again to the official /r/rust Who's Hiring thread!

50 2020-07-05
Graceful keyboard shutdown of thread pool in Rust
300 2020-07-05
Is it me or does it feel like Rust writes itself sometimes?

Just spent a few hours following the compiler around and eventually it led me to the answer. Learned a lot too!

62 2020-07-05
Back to old tricks .. (or, baby steps in Rust)
246 2020-07-04
Announcing the v0.17 release of Yew!

Hello, I'm excited to share with all of you the latest Yew release :)

51 2020-07-04
How do you avoid getting google results about the game instead of the language?

I'm (very) new to rust. My problem is how do you avoid ending up on a search page about the game instead of the language?

254 2020-07-04
New gtk-rs release: New crates, better APIs
58 2020-07-04 A chess website that lets you play with custom pieces/boards. Made with Rust + WASM.
379 2020-07-04
so: A terminal interface for StackOverflow
58 2020-07-04
Rust in Embedded: how is it working for you?

Hi! Other than experimenting a little bit with the Rust Embedded Book, I don't have enough work experience to form a valid opinion on how it feels working for real (in a job) with Rust in Embedded (not Embedded Linux). What are the limitations you encountered? What are the current pain points? Do you think they can be solved in the near future? Is the rate of adoption stale or is there an increase? Thanks in advance!

117 2020-07-03
Nick Cameron: Early Impressions of Go from a Rust Programmer
99 2020-07-03
Boa v0.9: measureme & optimisations
236 2020-07-03
RustPython: Building a Python 3 interpreter in Rust (FOSDEM 2019)
188 2020-07-03
React core team discussing re-writing internals in Rust

At 39:05 —

123 2020-07-03
Ringbahn II: the central state machine
55 2020-07-03
Partially sandbox your Rust builds

cargo-rubber is a little (probably Linux-only) shell script that uses Bubblewrap to run your builds with reduced privileges. The setup was inspired by how sandboxes documentation builds (and so works well as a way to locally test failures related to' sandboxing 😀).

294 2020-07-03
Artichoke Ruby is 2.2% faster after reimplementing the symbol table in Rust

Artichoke Ruby is an alternative Ruby implementation written in Rust. I recently reimplemented the VM's symbol table with intaglio to replace the C implementation in the mruby base.

90 2020-07-03
Finished implementing OpenDataStructures in Rust

I have completed a Rust implementation of OpenDataStructures.

66 2020-07-03
rust web apps in 2020: what libraries should I be using?

Trying to learn rust right now as I'm really impressed with the design of the language and its potential. I work in the devops/sre space and I typically use Go for building web apps and cli tools, but I'd like to try a few personal projects in rust.

50 2020-07-02
DUSTR: Call rust from dart seamlessly
221 2020-07-02
Compiler team roadmap 2020-2021
64 2020-07-02
`dua 2.8` (disk usage analyzer) is now ~430kb smaller and compiles about a minute more quickly!
53 2020-07-02
v0.10 of Gleam, a statically typed language written in Rust for the Erlang VM, is out
242 2020-07-02
Ownership of the standard library implementation | Inside Rust Blog
57 2020-07-02
Introducing Voronator, A Voronoi Diagram and Delaunay Triangulation library

Hello Rustaceans,