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53 2020-04-08
This Month in Rust GameDev #8 - March 2020
158 2020-04-08
Error Handling in a Large Correctness-Critical Rust Project
97 2020-04-08
Nine patches
62 2020-04-08
Announcing Cooked Wakers 2.0! Now with 100% less unnecessary derives

Hey everyone! A couple months ago, I published Cooked Wakers, a set of traits designed for making it easy to create std::task::Waker objects with 100% safe Rust and without any implementation overhead. One of the frustrating things about that design is that Rust's generic monomorphization rules made it impossible to generically create a RawWakerVTable; This meant that the IntoWaker trait could only ever be implemented on concrete types, which meant that I had to provide a complex derive for it, rather than a generic implementation. It also meant that downstream users had to create a lot of boilerplate types wrapping Arc<Notifier>.

294 2020-04-08
Invisible performance wins

I want to praise those who work on Rust and LLVM compilers to make our Rust applications even faster to execute!

125 2020-04-08
A brief apology of Ok-Wrapping
70 2020-04-07
Update on the GitHub Actions evaluation | Inside Rust Blog
349 2020-04-07
Futures Explained in 200 Lines of Rust
220 2020-04-07
Most commonly ignored clippy lints
118 2020-04-07
From failure to Fehler
204 2020-04-06
Security advisories for March 2020: bitvec, hyper and others

RustSec is a community database of security advisories filed against crates published to It is maintained by the Rust Secure Code Working Group.

86 2020-04-06
wgpu-0.5 release (changelog)
98 2020-04-06
I wrote a blog post about Rust CLI tools I find useful
152 2020-04-06
Rust analyzer weekly changelog
363 2020-04-06

Hello rustaceans,

50 2020-04-06
I wrote a personal note-taking app using Rust + Yew (among other things). Wanna share my experience here. Happy to answer any question if you're considering doing something similar
140 2020-04-06
"Manning's Coronavirus Response": All ebooks from Manning (including Rust in Action, wink wink) are half price until the end of May! No coupon required.
118 2020-04-06
This month in rustsim #10 (March 2020): introducing the new crate Simba for generic SIMD/non-SIMD code!
61 2020-04-06
My own take on error handling
65 2020-04-05
To learn how base64 works I implemented it with Rust

238 2020-04-05
State machines with const-generics
79 2020-04-05
Rust Dataframe: Update 1
144 2020-04-05
Dirscan: A high performance tool for summarising large directories or drives
73 2020-04-05
Rust, Evcxr, and Jupyter Notebooks - Getting Started (Video)
158 2020-04-04
Introducing Kubie: a more powerful alternative to kubectx and kubens, written in Rust
50 2020-04-04
watson - a minimalistic no_std + alloc web assembly parser
544 2020-04-03
Why I’m building a new async runtime
111 2020-04-03
Impact of TLS dependency removal from async internals

TL;DR: The compiler is now able to optimize much better than before.

194 2020-04-03
[OC] Fondant - macro based, configuration management library for CLI utils
66 2020-04-03
Sponsoring gtk-rs development
50 2020-04-03
prodash v3.4 - the dashboard for concurrent programs just got prettier
50 2020-04-02
(Partially) fixing a bug in a Rust research database [video]
622 2020-04-02
Iced, a cross-platform GUI library — New release featuring custom styling, event subscriptions, additional widgets, new examples, and more!
105 2020-04-02
This Week in Rust 332
93 2020-04-02
swc now has a typescript / javascript node visitor which works on stable

I've implemented a Visitor and code generator which works on stable rust.

50 2020-04-02
tinysort: A truly minimal memory usage sorting algorithm
51 2020-04-02
Announcing ingraind 1.0 - eBPF and Rust security monitoring
109 2020-04-02
New project: Crush, a command line shell

I've written Crush, a shell/programming language aimed at replacing shells like bash or fish. It has some ideas in common with nushell, but Crush focuses on being a fully featured and reasonably modern programming language with types, closures, etc.

176 2020-04-02
Tokio: Reducing tail latencies with automatic cooperative task yielding
79 2020-04-02
What constitutes a vulnerability?
90 2020-04-01
State Machines in Rust
143 2020-04-01
Writing an OS in Rust: Updates in March 2020
475 2020-04-01
Forbid pineapple on pizza
209 2020-04-01
kmon: Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor written in Rust

kmon provides a text-based user interface for managing the Linux kernel modules and monitoring the kernel activities. By managing, it means loading, unloading, blacklisting and showing the information of a module. These updates in the kernel modules, logs about the hardware and other kernel messages can be tracked with the real-time activity monitor in kmon. Since the usage of different tools like dmesg and kmod are required for these tasks in Linux, kmon aims to gather them in a single terminal window and facilitate the usage as much as possible while keeping the functionality.

60 2020-04-01
Rust debugging is still really painful, VSCode particularly included

I'm surprised I'm writing this, but I cannot find a good debugger for Rust. I've been using VSCode as it has been the best---everything else has horribly mangled function names and whatnot. But VSCode debugging is a very broken experience. I've had issues with how it handles the embedded terminal. I'm currently having issues where code gets a segfault within the debugger which runs totally fine without it. And with the exact same code I've gotten "Inconsistency detected by rtld.c: 1180: dl_main: Assertion" which makes the launch fail. It's like once every two weeks there's some new problem.

91 2020-04-01
Oxidize 1K: March 20th, 2020 - Embedded Rust Lightning Conference - Full Video Stream
117 2020-04-01
Introducing TinyVec: 100% safe alternative to SmallVec and ArrayVec

TinyVec is a 100% safe code alternative to SmallVec and ArrayVec crates. While SmallVec and ArrayVec create an array of unintialized memory and try to hide it from the user, TinyVec simply initializes the entire array up front. Real-world performance of this approach is surprisingly good: I have replaced SmallVec with TinyVec in unicode-normalization and lewton crates with no measurable impact on benchmarks.

216 2020-03-31
Bryan Cantrill on Rust making systems programming exciting
66 2020-03-31
[Gif] Spacemacs + rust analyzer: inlay hints and code actions
176 2020-03-31
Specs and Legion, two very different approaches to ECS