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54 2020-08-09
Embedded Rust Stream with Steve Klabnik, Michael Gattozzi, and James Munns
79 2020-08-09
Paris 1.5. Tiny performance improvements and you can now create and store custom style combinations!
101 2020-08-09
Announcing Pyo3 Log
50 2020-08-09
Official /r/rust "Who's Hiring" thread for job-seekers and job-offerers [Rust 1.45]

Welcome once again to the official /r/rust Who's Hiring thread!

173 2020-08-08
Recommend Rust-friendly microcontroller for home automation

Hi everybody,

96 2020-08-08
Small WIP Browser based on Matt Brubeck - Let's build a browser engine!
71 2020-08-08
What Is The Minimal Set Of Optimizations Needed For Zero-Cost Abstraction?
329 2020-08-08
A Terminal User Interface for Taskwarrior written in Rust
115 2020-08-07
smol vs tokio vs async-std;


54 2020-08-07
DevAndDev: (Yew+Rocket+Diesel) website helps you finding pair programming friends

Hey rustaceans,

55 2020-08-07
First Impressions of Rust
242 2020-08-07
Knurling-rs: Get a grip on bare-metal Rust
51 2020-08-07
v0.13 - MeiliSearch, open source alternative to Algolia
224 2020-08-07
hors - instant coding answers via the command line have released v0.6.4, with pretty colorized output by default
163 2020-08-07
Propane: an experimental generator syntax for Rust
158 2020-08-07
Shared Library Comparison: C, C++, Go, Haskell, Rust, and Swift

As a little unofficial side project of mine, I spent a couple of evenings rewriting a tiny image processing library into different languages to both learn more about those languages and to see if it's worth proposing a rewrite of some bigger libraries (that need refactoring anyway) into a different language. Currently all in C. I can't share the source code (it's an in-house library) but I thought I'd share the results of the evaluation.

95 2020-08-06
This Month in Rust GameDev #12 - July 2020
97 2020-08-06
polling - Portable interface to epoll, kqueue, and wepoll
290 2020-08-06
Why QEMU should move from C to Rust
122 2020-08-06
Rust on iOS with SDL2
166 2020-08-06
Crust of Rust: Channels [video]
305 2020-08-06
rustc 1.44.1 is reproducible in Debian
94 2020-08-06
This Week in Rust 350
75 2020-08-06
Where are we heading regarding runtimes?

Am I the only one who feels that Rust has taken a very risky direction regarding runtimes? For instance, when my whole app is built using tokio runtime, that means I exclude tons of libraries that are built on top of async-std.

159 2020-08-05
Sirula - a simple app launcher for wayland written in rust
93 2020-08-05
French Government Institution ANSSI released a set of rules for the development of secure applications with Rust
599 2020-08-05
Google engineers just submitted a new LLVM optimizer for consideration which gains an average of 2.33% perf.
104 2020-08-05
Optick Profiler now works with Rust:
324 2020-08-05
How to speed up the Rust compiler some more in 2020
51 2020-08-05
Building a Brainf*ck Compiler with Rust and LLVM
82 2020-08-05
Broccoli: Syncing faster by syncing less
404 2020-08-04
1Password announces Linux client preview, built with Rust + Electron
70 2020-08-04
Why async version of simple program use to 50x more memory

Asked on stackoverflow:

205 2020-08-04
Go vs Rust: Writing a CLI tool
84 2020-08-04
A gentle intro to assembly with Rust
106 2020-08-03
IntelliJ Rust: Updates for the 2020.2 Release
293 2020-08-03
Announcing Rust 1.45.2
88 2020-08-03
Learning Rust: Mindsets and Expectations
246 2020-08-03
rust-analyzer changelog #36
57 2020-08-03
This Month in Rust OSDev (July 2020)
50 2020-08-03
cargo-cache 0.5.0 released: new sccache and clean-unref subscommands

I'm proud to announce cargo-cache 0.5.0!

161 2020-08-03
The State of Rust 2 with Alex Crichton

Hey, folks. I just dropped the newest episode of my Software Engineering podcast, The Virtual World. Some of you may have caught the most recent episode where I interviewed Steve Klabnik. This episode is a similar format featuring Alex Crichton from Mozilla. He's been working directly on Rust and the Web Assembly tooling for almost 6 years.

128 2020-08-02
Writing and publishing a Python module in Rust
109 2020-08-02
swc v1.2.11: Almost all typescript-related bugs are fixed

52 2020-08-02
A team for Rustacean Live Coders on Twitch - Join us if you stream coding in Rust.
239 2020-08-02
Beginner's guide to Error Handling in Rust
210 2020-08-02
gurk: Signal Messenger client for terminal
52 2020-08-02
async-backplane - simple erlang-inspired fault-tolerance framework for rust futures
216 2020-08-02
Blue Team Rust: What is "Memory Safety", really?
54 2020-08-02
Simple open-source programs written in Rust ?

Hi everyone,