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279 2020-05-29
Steve Klabnik Gives a Friendly & Thorough Introduction to Async Await
151 2020-05-29
blocked: A proc-macro that emits a compiler warning when the linked GitHub issue is closed

Inspired by this post I wrote my first proc-macro!

178 2020-05-29
Fuchsia Rust Crates
72 2020-05-29
3D boids swimming along in perfect harmony; Implementing the boids flocking algorithm in Rust.

I mashed together my interests in procedural graphics generation and Rust programming for this experiment. I implemented the boids flocking algorithm to create swirling patterns. The implementation is heavily inspired by Sebastian Lague's coding adventure with boids video. Here's a small demo.

80 2020-05-29
ktrl 0.1.1 - A Supercharged Keyboard Programming Daemon (Linux)
52 2020-05-29
Try 'cargo diet', the companion program of The Lean Crate Initiative
63 2020-05-29
BLOCKED convention for marking code as being blocked on a Rust issue

It is common convention for code to use TODO and FIXME as notices within the code, which can easily be found with a rg 'TODO|FIXME'. I propose a new convention for Rust code specifically: BLOCKED to signify code that will be changed once a certain feature has landed on stable. Its usage looks like this:

220 2020-05-29
binread: Declarative Rust Binary Parsing
100 2020-05-29
An introduction to SIMD and ISPC in Rust
243 2020-05-28
Tour of Web Assembly - Chapter 1 Released
52 2020-05-28
Contributor Survey | Inside Rust Blog
219 2020-05-28
rental, a crate for creating self-referential structs with 300k+ downloads on crates, is no longer maintained
89 2020-05-28
This Week in Rust 340
111 2020-05-28
Crust of Rust: Iterators [video]
173 2020-05-27
Ringbahn: a safe, ergonomic API for io-uring in Rust
909 2020-05-27
2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Rust most loved again at 86.1%
88 2020-05-27
easy-parallel: like scoped threads, but simpler
250 2020-05-27
Multiplatform Minecraft-compatible client written in Rust
51 2020-05-27
I have 15 minutes to present Rust at my company, what should I present?

Hi there!

68 2020-05-27
Faster Integer Parsing
198 2020-05-27
A retrospective on the 2018 redesign
109 2020-05-26
Contributing to Rust
246 2020-05-26
Compiling Rust binaries for Windows 98 SE and more: a journey
89 2020-05-26
Cargo-fund: discover funding links for your project's dependencies
244 2020-05-26
Zero Cost Abstractions: Rust vs C++
50 2020-05-26
`cargo test-all-features` - A new Cargo subcommand that tests all feature flag combinations for a crate
72 2020-05-26
Building a PC to build Rust – 2020 edition

I've been thinking of building a new desktop system – first time in years. Being a Rust enthusiast, a relevant question is: how fast it's going to compile Rust code? I have been thinking of building the system around a Ryzen 3900X 12-core processor and 32 gigs of RAM. However, I'm still a bit undecided whether to go all in and one-up it to Ryzen 3950X (16-core). I suspect that's where the diminishing returns are starting to erode the bang-for-the-buck-factor. But if it's still noticeably faster, that's like paying for a good reason.

189 2020-05-26
ROI in companies that decided to switch to Rust


273 2020-05-26
Why I'm enjoying learning Rust as a Java programmer
68 2020-05-25
Goose 0.7 gains async for >2x speedup

We just released Goose 0.7, introducing async support. Goose is a load testing framework inspired by Locust. Where in our testing an optimized Locust test plan was able to generate nearly 20Mbit/s of HTTP traffic, the equivalent test plan in Goose is now able to sustain ~220Mbit/s of traffic, all from a single core! (Prior to adding async, in the same configuration Goose was generating ~110Mbit/s of traffic).

59 2020-05-25
Hey y'all, I wrote a tmux workspace manager called DMUX using Rust, and I'd love if you checked it out! It's focused on easily selecting and setting up different working environments. Any feedback on either the UX or my code is very welcome!
228 2020-05-25
rust-analyzer: Changelog #26
56 2020-05-25
[survey] What do you need from a physics engine in Rust? Here is a survey you can fill to help us understand physics engines users and their needs.
234 2020-05-25
My first Rust project! A CLI that sends a system notification 100 times evenly over a user-specified timespan, updating you with the time elapsed as a percentage.
215 2020-05-25
A new fast regexp engine in Rust, supporting JS syntax (backreferences + lookarounds)
210 2020-05-25
Zero to Production in Rust #0: Foreword
166 2020-05-24
How is the Rust compiler able to tell the visible width of unicode characters?

Here is an example: [playground]

63 2020-05-24
A native Rust port of Google's robots.txt parser and matcher C++ library
60 2020-05-24
Conway's Game of Life on the NES in Rust
88 2020-05-24
cargo watt: tooling for executing procedural macros in web assembly

cargo watt

54 2020-05-24
Official /r/rust "Who's Hiring" thread for job-seekers and job-offerers [Rust 1.43]

Welcome once again to the official /r/rust Who's Hiring thread!

135 2020-05-24
Just: How I Organize Large Rust Programs
139 2020-05-24
We all know Rust's trait system is Turing complete, so tell me, why aren't we exploiting this???
54 2020-05-24
Tour of Rust - Chapter 4 Released! - Generic Types, new Brazilian Portuguese translation, and more
635 2020-05-23
The Chromium project finds that around 70% of our serious security bugs are memory safety problems
82 2020-05-23
Microsoft: Here's why we love programming language Rust and kicked off Project Verona
91 2020-05-23
Daimler internal source code leaked: Some Rust included :-o

Over the weekend, the contents of an internal Gitlab instance from Daimler (Mercedes) was leaked. It contains, among other things, the source code of their internal "onboard logic unit" (OLU) software systems for Mercedes vans.

560 2020-05-23
I did my first project in Rust! A "photo mode" for Yakuza Kiwami 2!
52 2020-05-22
New crate: Rust support for Event Tracing for Windows

61 2020-05-22
Microsoft's Safe Systems Programming Languages Effort (Video)